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"Joyfully Treasuring JESUS far beyond Created Things"

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Creator’s Christian Ambassadors Ministry

Employment Opportunities

Full -Time Facilitator:  Brief Job description :  This person will be able to facilitate homeschool students working in a Christian based curriculum.  This includes coordinating lesson activities within the curriculum and communication with parents regarding testing, homework, and assignments the student are required to complete.  This person will lead in daily morning routines and coordination of special activities like: PE, Art, Music, Bible study, and field trips. They will need to work with students in subject areas where additional instruction might be needed, such as Algebra I and II.  Applicants must aide the parents in understanding what is required of their student, helping the students continue to progress in their studies.  This person will be required to attend monthly board meetings to keep the church staff informed of events within the ministry.  They will be required to work with parents and the school board regarding fundraising events, along with participation in recruiting new students. This person will need strong, positive personal interaction skills to work with students, parents, and staff to maintain an environment, that supports Christian education ideals.  If you are interested, please apply by filling out the application on this page (click the Download button below) and return it to the church office.  You can also check out the Creator's Christian Ambassadors Ministry Facebook page if you would like more information about this ministry.  

First Baptist Church of Cherokee Village, Arkansas

"Joyfully Treasuring JESUS far beyond Created Things" 

6 Iroquois Rd, Cherokee Village, AR

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